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Introducing Robert G. Allen's
InfoPreneuring: How to Make Millions in Your Information Business

For more than 20 years Robert Allen has created millions from his information business - and he's helped thousands of other people do it as well! Now, for the first time, Robert Allen and his team of experts have recorded this one-of-a-kind program - complete with videos, DVDs, Audio CDs, a 200-page manual, and full handouts. It's like attending the 3-day event in person. There is advanced information here that you won't find anywhere else! If you're serious about making money with your knowledge and expertise, read on.

How to Create Audio Products - easily and inexpensively

This interview with Russell Sydney, combined with the notes and comprehensive resource materials, give you the background you need to start creating your own audio products.

Are you ready to create an audiotape - but don't want to invest in 100 tapes, packages of labels, etc? If so, you'll want to check out the Audiotape Starter Sets.

How to Double - or Triple! your Income as an Author and
Information Products Creator

You'll get all sorts of tips from Fred Gleeck, info guru, on this fast-paced interview.

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