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eZine Profits Producer

As an ezine publisher you have to write articles that appeal to your readers - and make a profit. This course shows you how to do both - step-by-step.

eZine Resource Guide

With the Ezine Resource Guide you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to 218 useful resources to aid you in publishing and profiting from your own email newsletter. This handy directory is your own ROLODEX of newsletter resources, categorically indexed for your ease in finding exactly what you are looking for as an ezine publisher.

How to write and publish your own ezine

How to launch your own opt-in mailing list and milk it for everything it's worth!

Permission-based Newsletters

This interview with Roger C Parker reveals secrets to making the most of your newsletter.

Build your Subscriber List!

Paul Meyers is one of the best-known experts on building your list. Here Paul reveals 10 unorthodox techniques to get lots more subscribers - fast!

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