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Online Success Tactics: 101 ways to build your small business

TechTamers founder, Dr. Jeanette Cates, announces the release of her new book, Online Success Tactics: 101 ways to build your small business. Published by Twin Towers Press, the book is a jargon-free guide for business owners. With each tactic taking one page or less, you'll find it easy to read and choose the appropriate strategies to increase your sales, build your visibility, and improve your service and support online.

You and your customers will experience the difference! With a website to keep it all up-to-date!




Tame Your Personal Computer

This amazing new survival guide helps you conquer the PC Beast right in front of you. If you’ve ever had a technology problem; if you’ve ever been frustrated with getting your computer to behave; if you’ve ever needed help at 2AM – this is the book for you!





Celebrate Customer Service

This book shows you how to thrill your customers with service. This book offers proof that providing great customer service is worth so much more than just good customer service. Chapters by Jeanette Cates, Ted Garrison and Rick Crandall and with contributions from Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey and Tom Peters. Learn:

  • how to provide great customer service online
  • why great customer service = more business
  • turn complaints into compliments
  • internal customer service
  • how to implement great service and more!

Get your copy now! $14.95




Are you serious about making it BIG on the Internet? Would you like to have lots of money and business opportunities flowing to you while you sleep?

Then this book is a MUST READ – because these proven online marketing strategies really work! This book uncovers the confessed secrets to online success by the world’s top Internet marketing gurus.

And yes, TechTamers Founder and CEO, Dr. Jeanette Cates, is one of the contributors to Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters.




Com-put-ing: A Hacker's Dictionary

This is one of my favorite computer humor books. From the back cover, you get some idea of the type of humor you'll find inside:

Address: The specific place in a computer's memory where a particular item of data has been lost.

Hardware: Any portion of a computer system that you can actually smack, thump, slam, punch, bash, whack, or clobber.

Nerd: A geek with stock options.


Web browser: An Internet navigation program that gives computer users instant access to more than one billion advertisements.

Put a smile on your face - or your favorite Internet buddy's! 



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