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Affiliate Program Handbook

25 marketing plans to bring in affiliate income. If you belong to an affiliate program, then you need this book.

Become a Super Affiliate

Super Affiliates are those people who sell so much more of their affilite products that ebook authors and product producers come looking for them! And now, following this step-by-step guide, you can become a Super Affiliate.

Protect your Affiliate Links

If you're using affiliate links, you face two problems - links that are too long to fit into an email and links that are subject to theft. Take care of both problems with this program. Master Reprint Rights included!

A note from the publisher: This is not my favorite product for this purpose. This product requires some technical work on your part with copying and pasting links and uploading the new pages. My favorite program in this category is Affiliate Link Cloaker. This program takes less than 10 seconds to create and upload a cloaked page. However, it's over $50 and is not included in the TechTamers affiliate program. So if you just need something to get started, then this program will work fine - especially if you're a TechTamers affiliate and get a discount.



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