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Uploading your Web Pages

First, you need to download an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for your computer.

For the Macintosh, use Fetch 3.01.

For Windows, use WSftp.

Both programs are free. So download and install your program now.


Now you're ready to upload (move your pages UP to the internet).

Open your FTP program.

On the Internet

On your local computer

Connect to your website on the internet.

Open your web folder on your local computer.

To download your web pages from your internet site:

Move the pages to the web folder on your local computer

To upload new or revised web pages from your local computer:

Move the changed pages to the appropriate folder on your internet site.

Note: The revised pages are LIVE as soon as you upload them.

Test the new and updated pages online. You may need to press the Reload (Netscape) or Refresh (Explorer) button to ensure you are seeing the latest version.

This is one of a series of online tutorials created by Dr. Jeanette Cates, The Technology Tamer. Contact TechTamers at 512-219-5653 or at www.TechTamers.com.

©1998, TechTamers. Permission is granted to reprint the tutorial provided credit is given and contact information is provided.

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