Assessing Technology Programs

Assessing Technology Programs

Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools and Classrooms ( provides a handbook, complete with forms and sample surveys, for the evaluation of your program. Available in PDF and html formats.

QED's Sample Technology Survey from Louisiana (

This gives you an idea of the questions that they ask and the types of results available. It may trigger some ideas on your reporting.

Evaluating the success of your program - Microsoft

Assessment Tips from NSBA

Technology's Impact on Learning

District Technology Self-Assessment Form from Ian Jukes of the Thornburg Center

Technology's Effectiveness in Education

Assessing Technology Tools

Network for the Evaluation of Education and Training Technologies (fee required)

Best and Worst Practices

Evaluation Standards and Criteria for Technology Implementation

Common Measures - 80% of parents would like more computers in the classroom

Technology's Impact

Computers and Classrooms: State of Technology

Taking Stock: What does Research say?

The Computer Delusion

Online Stages of Concern Questionnaire

Results of Kansas City Public School Needs Assessments - Provides good ideas of what to ask and how to present the data.

Assessment and Evaluation of Technology in Schools, a presentation in 1996 by Northwest Regional Educational Lab.

EDmin Open Systems: Tech Planning: Technology M…

EDmin Open Systems: Tech Planning Toolbox

Profiler | About Profiler

Print Materials

Evlauting Technology Integration in the Elementary School: A Step by Step Guide from ISTE (

Taking Stock: Assessing Your Technology Program by Kim Carter appeared in the May 98 issue of Technology & Learning. Good overview of assessment. Has 10 tips for Do-it-yourself Program Assessment by Saul Rockman. I haven't found this on the web yet.

School Technology and Readiness Report: From Pillars to Progress, published by the CEO Forum ( in 1997 provides one of the best guides to looking at your technology. Includes the STAR Chart. You can download a copy of the report or take the assessment online. There is an updated report for 1998.

Tools for Change: Restructuring Technology in Our Schools. by Len Scrogan. Available from ISTE ( This notebook provides information and forms ready to use to assess your program.

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